Importance of learning and development

The business benefits of providing development opportunities to your workforce shouldn’t be underestimated in today’s competitive job market. Recent research has found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development*.

Employers who don’t focus on the training and upskilling of their employees are simply going to lose out. This is especially true in the health and social care sector which is renowned for high staff turnover rates.

Encouraging employees to develop their skills with an apprenticeship or further vocational training gives them a deeper understanding of their role. It also enables them to work with service users on a more intensive level creating improved job satisfaction and promoting staff retention.

Build employee loyalty

It’s worth noting that offering your staff opportunities for personal and career development is no longer seen as an optional job perk. It’s expected by today’s workforce.

Training your employees enables them to grow in self-confidence and feel good about the work they’re doing to support those in their care. By providing learning and development options, you’re showing your teams that you respect and value your people and are actively invested in their success.

At Connect2Care, we offer a range of staff training options to encourage employee loyalty. These solutions make workforces more eager to contribute long-term towards a company that provides them with the potential for growth and progression.

Fill skills gaps

Retaining good employees is essential to organisations who deliver adult social care as continuity of staff can be crucial to delivering high-quality support for the people in your care.

Care providers are amazing at filling skills gaps by developing employees with the right values and skills to thrive in those positions. Partnering with the right training provider for your setting, such as Connect2Care, can help bring out the best in these employees.

Employees who receive role-specific training become more valuable to an organisation and will feel valued in return, encouraging them to offer a higher standard of care to your service users.

*Source: LinkedIn Learning 2019 Workplace Learning Report

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