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The benefits of upskilling your workforce

The industries we operate in are constantly evolving. Our job-specific training solutions will give your employees the practical skills and abilities they need to excel and develop in their role.
We constantly review our course curriculum to reflect the latest trends and regulations. Our refresher training courses enable you to make sure your team are always compliant and have fresh, up-to-date knowledge.

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The cost of each training solution will vary based on the length of the course and assessment requirements (if applicable). At Connect2Care, we detail the costs and funding opportunities available for each learning and development opportunity on their dedicated webpages.
Yes! There is a lot of funding available to help cover the costs of vocational training. At Connect2Care we’re experts in understanding the various funding programmes and requirements, this means we can help you choose the right funding path for your business and support you with your funding applications. Learn more about funding opportunities on our Funding page.
We deliver a mix of both face-to-face and online training. The options available will depend on the training solution which you choose.
Yes! You can book both online and face-to-face training for cohorts of learners from the same business. Simply get in touch with us to discuss options available.

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