Create career pathways

The adult care sector has some fantastic career paths, with many home managers having started out as care workers. Giving job seekers the opportunity to visualise a personal route to their career destination will help motivate them to join your organisation, aiding your recruitment efforts.

Make it clear there are equal opportunities to develop personally and professionally for all potential recruits, even those less keen to climb the ladder. This will help maintain your employees’ level of enthusiasm to work for your company.

Job seekers crave development opportunities. Demonstrating that your company is willing to invest in employees’ continued professional development (CPD) will help you to stand out from other employers to attract the most desirable candidates.

Invest in skills

Within health and social care, there’s a rapid pace of change as practices and technologies continue to advance in the industry. This means offering a learning and development programme will play an important role in the recruitment process of this fast-evolving sector.

Potential candidates, particularly those who are new to the industry, will be looking at the kinds of vocational training companies offer to help them break into the workplace. On-the-job training, such as an apprenticeship, could transform these new recruits with little to no experience into a valuable, adaptable and highly skilled employee.

Plus, these recruits are more likely to stay loyal to your company and want to grow with your organisation.

Attract talent with rewarding opportunities

Modern workers are looking for careers that offer more than just a wage at the end of each month. When considering a new position, people want to feel a sense of enjoyment and pride, to be challenged and feel valued as part of their working day.

There are vast career opportunities with both personal and professional rewards to be achieved working in this growing sector. Highlighting the huge positive impact care workers have on those they support and the personal opportunities for career progression can be truly inspiring to potential applicants.

Connect2Care are here to help you employ the right people with the right values and attributes with our free apprenticeship recruitment service.

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