Meet the fundamental standards

We understand the importance of meeting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) fundamental standards of care, the standards by which your care must never fall. When using your service, every person in your care has the right to receive the CQC 16 ‘essential standards’ of quality and safety.

As a result, we embed the fundamental standards into everything we teach and do at Connect2Care.

We appreciate how active and fast-paced the healthcare sector can be on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we get to know how your setting operates to tailor the learner journey to suit the needs and quirks of your unique environment.

Deliver CQC-rated outstanding care

CQC expects your workforce to have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to deliver effective care and support. The greater understanding your employee has of a task at hand, the better quality care they’ll be able to provide to your service users.

By providing your team with ongoing learning and development opportunities, they’ll have the confidence and ability to excel in their role. And, most importantly, they’ll refresh their learning, remaining up-to-date with the latest legislation and best practice.

At Connect2Care, we work in partnership with you to identify areas of weakness or room for improvement in your previous CQC rating which can be addressed through tailored learning and development.

Training linked to KLOEs

During your CQC inspection, they’ll assess your setting to ensure it operates in line with the five key lines of enquiry, known as KLOEs. These determine whether you’re creating an environment that is safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs, and well-led.

To help you to demonstrate the quality of care you provide and show how your setting meets CQC requirements, the KLOEs underpin the way we deliver all of our training and apprenticeships at Connect2Care.

Learners will gain a clear understanding of how the KLOEs and fundamental standards of care help shape the essential day-to-day operations and management of your care setting.

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