Nurture loyalty

Offering personal and career development opportunities for your employees is no longer seen as an optional job perk. It’s expected by today’s workforce, especially among the younger generations.

Training your employees enables them to grow in self-confidence and feel good about the work they’re doing to support the children in their care. By acquiring new skills and developing their knowledge, either through a Connect2Care apprenticeship or vocational training, employees will have a more fulfilling career, increased job satisfaction and improve the quality of their provision.

This makes them more loyal and eager to contribute longer-term to a company that willingly nurtures their growth and progression.

Plug skills gaps

Retaining good employees is essential to early years settings as continuity of practitioners can be crucial to delivering high-quality, trusted support for the children in your care.

It can be difficult to find employees who are trained to deal with complex or specialised childcare needs, such as mental health concerns, challenging behaviour or autism. Instead of recruiting, consider filling those skills gaps by developing employees with the right values and skills to thrive in those positions.

Employees who receive role-specific training, like Connect2Care’s apprenticeships or training solutions, become more valuable to an organisation and will feel valued in return. This encourages them to offer a higher level of loyalty to your setting.

Learning is key to retention

Providing development opportunities for your early years workforce is a key factor in retaining your staff in today’s competitive job market. Recent research found that 94% of employees would stay at a setting longer if it invested in their learning and development*.

Encouraging employees to develop their skills gives them a deeper understanding of the role they play and boosts their ability to support the development of children. Connect2Care’s apprenticeships and further vocational training provide a greater sense of personal reward for your employees as they’ll witness the positive impact they have on a young child’s development.

Seeing the children in their care flourish will give your workforce a huge sense of pride and, subsequently, encourages staff retention.


*Source: LinkedIn Learning 2019 Workplace Learning Report

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