Like many other sectors, the funeral industry is facing a series of unprecedented challenges.

While recruiting and retaining staff is one of the biggest problems it faces, the sector has also been recently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to bring greater transparency to the industry’s pricing structures.

To help embrace these new challenges and grasp the opportunity for change, Connect2Care is offering a series of specialist apprenticeships which can be tailored to individual funeral businesses.

“The regulation changes mark an exciting step forward for the funeral industry and one we’re delighted to be part of,” says Connect2Care funeral services sector lead, Kirsty Simmonds.

“When it comes to recruiting and retaining, apprenticeships are a great way of building a diverse workforce and talent pool that will grow with your business,” says Kirsty. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide modern day independent training that embraces a new holistic and standardised view of the industry.”


Funeral planning

Connect2Care is offering a series of specialist apprenticeships, which can be tailored to individual funeral businesses.


Our funeral apprenticeships

The Connect2Care funeral apprenticeships are delivered by industry experts who are passionate about the future of funeral services.

“Our training consultants’ inside knowledge enables employers to create a home-grown, diverse workforce that reflects the entire industry,” says Kirsty. “We understand how a funeral is a pivotal point in someone’s life and our team is able to deliver the skills required to perform this role successfully. These skills include resilience, good time management, account management and those all-important softer skills which require staff to be both mediators and counsellors.

“Working in funerals means being willing to serve all cultural backgrounds as well as managing a whole host of different personalities. You have to know what respect looks like and steer a family through the day, while being mature and skilled enough to be able to manage your own mental wellbeing and find ways to switch off.

“Not all businesses are able to take their staff on this learning journey but we have the people who can.”

Dignity, a national end-of-life service provider that has funeral homes and crematoria in towns and cities across the UK has teamed up with Connect2Care to build an apprenticeship programme that will future-proof their business.

Dignity CEO Kate Davidson explains:

“We don’t just want our colleagues to work for Dignity we want to support them to build lasting careers through encouraging growth and development.

“We want to create the best value for our colleagues, that’s why working with an independent provider that aligns with our values was important for us.”