If you love people, you’ll love caring.

That’s the message from care industry experts determined to inspire a new generation of carers.

As we move into a new era, it’s time to get back to what the sector is passionate about, to help new carers and those already working in the sector embrace the future with hope.

We’ve all heard the thousands of heroic stories of selflessness during the peak of the pandemic. Now, for the first time in decades, the care industry is finally being recognised with the respect and dignity it deserves.

Here Kirsty Simmonds, Connect2Care’s Adult Health & Social Care Lead, reveals five great reasons why YOU should take a leap of faith into care:

Respect and rewards

Being a carer receives instant respect because the job requires giving – not in terms of money or material things – but time and love. If you’re a carer out in the community, it’s assumed that you’re doing a good thing and a good job. There will be many moments of genuine kindness too – and you’ll find yourself on the giving and receiving end of this. Also be prepared for times when people will call you an angel – how many jobs can you say that about? True fulfilment is the best reward in caring as the nation realises the profession offers a vital service.

Career pathways

There are so many different apprenticeship pathways to follow in care. Care homes also offer training and coaching and are keen to share ideas for innovation and creativity. One thing is for sure, pursuing a career in care means you will become so multi-skilled that you will be able to transfer into a host of other service-related roles. You could become a care home leader or manager, a spokesperson or an educator. Your voice will count for future generations and it’s a profession that will last forever.

Feel part of the family

Carers feel part of an extended family and build meaningful relationships with everyone around them including colleagues, the people they care for and their family and friends. You will walk into work and feel like you are coming home. New starters in the industry are welcomed with open arms, often receiving healthcare benefits including access to mental health courses. It’s a job where you can put your arm around someone and make them feel instantly better. In return, if you’re having a bad day, someone will put their arm around you too. It’s a staff-first culture which is vital to giving carers a sense of value and fulfilment. This, in turn, means carers are more likely to enjoy their job and take pride in what they do.


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Make a difference to people’s lives

Every decision you make as a carer means something to somebody else. It may not always be obvious. That’s why it’s known as the ever-giving reward and is unique to the caring profession. If you’re chatting with a resident about a time that sticks in their memory or a favourite food, a carer would often find something to give as a present to make that person smile. The act itself may be small but the meaning behind it is huge. One small gesture of kindness really can make a big difference to someone’s life.

The heartfelt thank you

When someone thanks a carer for what they have done, it’s an emotional moment. The words ‘thank you’ come from the heart. For example, if you buy your elderly relative a gin and tonic, you do it because you love that person and they are part of your family. The same goes for a resident in a care home. You just do it and when they say thank you, it really matters because that person isn’t related to you but you would do anything to help them. This is the human side of the job, the moment when you realise you are a nice person and that is confidence-building. Such selfless acts promote integrity within the sector which is why a thank you counts for such a lot.