We’re unmasking talent in the adult care, healthcare and early years industries with the launch of the Connect2Care Heroes Awards!

Connect2Care believes that recognising and celebrating success is fundamental to motivation and development in the workplace. This year, Connect2Care will be unmasking talent in these caring industries by holding the first-ever Connect2Care Heroes Awards – which celebrates the outstanding dedication to training from Connect2Care’s apprentices and employer partners.

The awards will celebrate apprentices who have successfully applied their learning to their work setting, commending the motivation and drive they have shown to become leaders and stars of the future. There are also awards for employers who have gone the extra mile throughout COVID-19 in these caring sectors.

Connect2Care Heroes showcase the diverse range of apprenticeships in adult care, healthcare and early years – each with its own award category. Apprentices and employer partners can nominate themselves or be nominated by an individual in the Connect2Care community, such as an employee, stakeholder, fellow apprentice, line manager, mentor or Connect2Care Training Consultant. There are also separate awards for small, medium and large employers.

Winners will be announced during a winner’s roadshow in July and August 2021! Their success will be celebrated during an exclusive online event in September where winners of the National Apprentice and Employer of the Year will be crowned. Winners of the Apprentice of the Year and Employer of the Year will be announced during the online event.

Jill Whittaker, Managing Director at Connect2Care, said: “We feel very proud to be launching the first-ever Connect2Care Heroes Awards. We think it is hugely important to celebrate the success of our apprentices and business leaders, not only to recognise and highlight future talent but also to encourage a motivated and driven workforce within the adult care, healthcare and early years industries.”

Nominations for Connect2Care Heroes are open now! Entries close on 11th June 2021.

Click here to enter! 

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