Work experience for a school leaver or unemployed young people to give them their start for a career in the health and social care sector.

The health and social care sector has a proud reputation of providing school leavers with career opportunities to learn their craft and progress through the industry, frequently through apprenticeship programmes, or day-release programmes, or through companies’ own training programmes. Indeed many of the industry’s current leaders and senior managers started on this route.

Over the last decade, there has been a growing reluctance by employers to recruit school leavers or employ staff without any practical work experience.

The introduction by government of Traineeships for 16-23 year olds offers this industry a unique opportunity to provide local young people the opportunity to start a career in this industry without the risk of actually employing an unskilled person. Not only will this be seen by the public as a positive image for the sector in playing their part in reducing youth unemployment, it releases a huge pool of talent for to the industry.

Our traineeships offer many benefits for employers:

  • Working closely with you, we can design a traineeship that will suit the particular needs of your business and sector, so that both you and your trainee get the best results
  • They are an effective way of bringing enthusiastic young people with fresh ideas into your business
  • They allow you to shape the skills and experience of local young people, helping your business to develop a loyal and talented workforce
  • Working with trainees will give established staff members the chance to develop their skills in mentoring and coaching young people
  • They can be valuable in succession planning
  • The employer and trainee get the chance to sample each other before making a formal agreement to embark on an apprenticeship or work together
  • In our experience, those employers who are fully committed to the process, and work closely with us, derive the most benefits in terms of inexpensively boosting their staff recruitment.

At Connect 2 Care, we will prepare young people for the world of work with basic employability qualifications, such as health and safety or customer service. We will then place them with participating employers for up to five months unpaid work experience. At no wage cost to your business, you may have a young person on full time work experience to begin to learn a trade in our sector. At any time during their six months work experience, if you have a suitable vacancy and the trainee’s work was satisfactory, you may offer them employment.

Otherwise, they will return to Connect 2 Care and with the skills they have acquired from you and a much valued reference for their CV, HIT will attempt to place them in another job vacancy in this sector.

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