Competent staff deliver real returns to your bottom line, by improving productivity and competitiveness.

Apprenticeships are a cost effective way of improving the skills of current and new staff.

We offer apprenticeships for many areas of the health and social care sector – for care workers, care supervisors and managers, but also for chefs and kitchen staff, for housekeepers and cleaning staff and for receptionists and administrators.

Because the apprenticeship scheme is designed with the help of employers, apprentices fit into their job role effectively, develop the appropriate skills and secure on-going employment. All learning and assessment is conducted ‘on the job’ so you can remain focused without the interruption of off-site study.


Each apprenticeship has a framework with five components:

  • Competent vocation or technical skills - developing and assessing the apprentice’s practical skills through the appropriate NVQ.
  • Technical and theoretical knowledge and understanding – usually tested by online tests taken at the workplace or through research projects.
  • Basic English, Maths and ICT - potential apprentices are tested by Connect 2 Care for their levels of numeracy and literacy before starting a programme. Those without GCSE English and Maths at grade C or above will undertake a Maths and English Functional Skills programme. Several apprenticeships also require an appropriate level of ICT computer skills.
  • Personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) – there are six mandatory elements of the apprenticeship programme: Independent Enquiry, Creative Thinking, Reflective Learning, Team Working, Self-Management and Effective Participation’.
  • Employment rights and responsibilities (ERR) – this gives learners an appreciation of rights and responsibilities at the workplace and an understanding of the wider world of the hotel and catering industry.

The frameworks may sound very complicated at a first glance, but C2C’s delivery expertise seamlessly delivers all the components. C2C will tailor the apprenticeship framework to the specific requirements of your business.


What does an apprenticeship cost?

Already employed by you

For employees aged under 19 who meet the eligibility requirements, the programme will normally be funded by the Government. Employees aged 19 or over you may have to contribute to the cost of the programme. There are several ways of doing this:

  • The employer may pay all or part of the cost.
  • The employee may pay Connect 2 Care directly on a monthly basis as they undertake their qualification.
  • The employee may be eligible for a Government Learner Loan from the Student Loan Company.

The non-financial costs involve the time the apprentice spends off-the job with their C2C trainer-assessor on site being coached, assessed, taught and mentored and the time taken to sit the tests for the apprentice’s technical certificate and functional skills.

Your C2C trainer-assessor and local manager will keep you up to date on current funding, loans and grants towards apprenticeships, NVQs and other training.


Recruiting a new Apprentice

When recruiting an Apprentice to join your organisation, they will be entitled to the same terms and conditions of employment as other members of your staff. You will apply the same selection criteria as you would when interviewing any other job applicant in terms of motivation, reliability and enthusiasm. However, an applicant for an Apprenticeship may not have any practical experience in the industry or the workplace.


Finding the right Apprentice

There are several ways to find the right Apprentice for you and Connect 2 Care can help you through the process. C2C’s local office will be able to help you recruit an Apprentice through our contacts with schools, colleges, careers officers, and job centres in your vicinity. We can access the Apprenticeship Vacancy Online Service on your behalf to advertise your vacancy nationally, saving you the costs of advertising yourself or using an agency. C2C’s professional staff are experienced in helping employers interview and select Apprentices.


Want to apply or need more information?

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