New research from Connect2Care has revealed that care businesses are missing a trickless than 40% offer apprenticeships at all career levels. What’s more, nearly half of care sector employees (48.4%) believe apprenticeships are only for the young. 

Yet, with staffing shortages dominating the industry, employers can’t afford to miss the benefits that upskilling existing workers can bring to their business, no matter their age or seniority. To overcome this, the industry needs a rethink. 

Adapt how we identify talent 

For too long employee potential has been measured purely by proven skills and experience. Let’s change the perception of talent, by instead defining employees by their ambitions, their passions, and their ‘soft’ skills. This can reveal that the very skills you seek to boost in your workforce, may already be bubbling beneath the surface of your team. 

Throw out the notion that apprenticeships are just for the young 

Outdated perceptions around apprenticeships are holding businesses back from tapping into talent throughout an employees’ professional life. 

With three-quarters of care sector employees (74.2%) agreeing that there’s less emphasis placed on training and development as they progress in their career, it’s time to turn this around and bring fresh ambition to the surface. 

Unleash talent through apprenticeships 

Apprenticeships have great value to offer for the entire workforce. In fact, nine in ten (90.3%) of all employees in the care sector surveyed by Connect2Care said that if they were offered a job with the prospect of doing an apprenticeship to develop their skills, they would in fact take it.

Considering the sector continues to face unfilled vacancies and a workforce feeling overworked – and at times undervalued – care providers would be wise to recognise the potential talent nesting within their teams already. 

Our new toolkit makes it easier than ever 

Our new See V toolkit aims to look beyond the traditional experience-based CV, and shares insights from leading HR professionals in the sector on how to spot signs of talent hiding within a care team.

To discover more about how offering care workers easy access to lifelong career progression can improve team morale and breed positivity, download Connect2Care’s See V toolkit today. 

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